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Property Loan

Loan against property or LAP is a mortgage or secured loan availed after pledging a property as collateral. The interest rate starts from 7.25% p.a to 8.00% p.a. You can avail of LAP up to 70% of property value for maximum of 15 years.

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Axis  LAP

Bank Name
Interest Rate
Processing Fees
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Residential : 9.20% Commercial : 9.20% Industrial : 9.30%
1- 10 years
Processing Fee up to 1% of loan amount/-
Residential : 9.20% Commercial : 9.20% Industrial : 9.30%
Max Tenure 10 yrs
Up to 1% of loan amount
Upto 50 Lakh : 9.25% Above 50 Lakh 8.95%
1-12 Years Tenure Range
Up to 1% of loan amount/-
Axis Bank
9.90% – 10.35%
1-10 Years Tenure Range
up to 1% of loan amount/-
PNB Housing
Residential : 9.75% Commercial : 10.20%
1-10 Years Tenure Range
Processing Fee up to 1% of loan amount/-
Union Bank of India
7.40% p.a. onwards (Floating Rate)
1-30 Years Tenure Range
0.50% or ₹15,000 Maximum (Processing Fee)
LIC Housing Finance
Best Rate 10.50%
25 Years
0.25% of the Loan Amount
6.90% to 8.25% (Floating Rate)
Up to 30 Years Tenure Range
Best Rate 13%
1-12 Years Tenure Range
0.35% onwards (min. Rs.2,000; max. Rs.10,000) (Processing Fee)

Lowest Interest Rate

LAP is offered at a lower interest rate compared to other loans. Generally, interest rates on a loan against property can range from 12-16% while interest rates on personal loans can range from 15-22%. Bindal finance ensures you Get the best Rates possible for your Loan case.

Low Cibil / Credit score Loan

Bindal Finance offers a low CIBIL property loan with very competitive rates. Our team of experts can help you navigate the loan process and get the best possible deal so you can meet your financial goals. In India, having a low CIBIL score can make it difficult to get approved for a property loan due to poor credit history. The eligibility criteria for LAP , lenders consider factors such as the value of the property, the borrower's income, credit score, and repayment capacity.

Affordable EMI plans

The tenure for a loan against property can stretch up to 15 years while a personal loan has a tenure of only 1-5 years Because of the longer loan period, the monthly EMI is also smaller, meaning it is a lighter repayment burden over the entire tenure of the loan. 

High loan Financing

The size of the loan depends on the value of the property. More valuable the property, the larger the loan amount that will be sanctioned. Typically, you can get a loan for up to 80 % of the market value of the property and this can translate into a sizeable amount of funds. The loan amount on this type of loan is far larger than the amount you would get for a personal loan. Moreover, this larger amount comes at a lower interest rate than a personal loan.

Bindal Finance offers a loan against property (LAP) service to individuals who own a property and are looking for financing options. Loan against property is a type of secured loan where an individual can borrow money by keeping their property as collateral.

With Bindal Finance's property loan service, individuals can borrow up to a certain percentage of their property's value. The loan amount and interest rate depend on the value of the property, the loan repayment capacity, and other factors. The loan can be repaid in fixed monthly installments over a certain period of time.

Loan against property provided by Bindal Finance can be used for various purposes such as business expansion, debt consolidation, education, medical emergencies, and home renovation. The loan application process is simple and easy, and the loan is disbursed quickly after the completion of the necessary formalities.

The property loan service offered by Bindal Finance is a cost-effective way to borrow money as the interest rates are lower than other types of unsecured loans. Additionally, borrowers can enjoy the benefit of longer repayment tenure, which can make the loan more affordable and manageable.

Overall, Bindal Finance's property loan service is a viable financing option for individuals who own a property and are looking for a flexible and affordable way to borrow money. The loan amount and interest rates are competitive, and the loan application process is hassle-free.

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